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To visit the Facility an appointment is required so please email me to make one.

We will expect Social Distancing, no hand shaking and if you prefer to wear a mask we welcome you to do so.

Everything will be outside in well ventilated areas.  No Restrooms available as they are in our private residence.

Thank you for cooperating!

Covid 19 Information


Deposits are required to hold a pick in a certain litter for a particular sex.  $300 will reserve your puppy!  Most of my pups are reserved before they are born.  I try to place a hunt test dog first if the occasion arises as we like to encourage our dogs in this area! 

I will take six deposits on each litter , three of each sex.  Under some circumstances I will take more.  At 7 weeks of age we will make the picks in order of the deposits because at 6 weeks they are old enough to microchip. I will put out individual pictures at this time.  Hopefully at this age you can really see their personalities more and they will show in the pictures.

If for some reason there is not a puppy available for your particular sex or litter requested, then you have the option to go to another litter or take the opposite sex if available.  I do not bump you into the next litter above those who have already made a deposit and chose a particular litter.

All pups are sold on Limited registration for $2000 plus $58 tax  (see below for more information on what Limited Registration means) however Full registration can be purchased for an additional $600 to the prices on each litter.  This price includes the microchip and the microchip registration which is a $65 value.

You can also check back to see what is available once the litter is born and reserve a pup at that time because in most cases there are more than the 6 pups.

Please email me at first to discuss what is available before sending a deposit!

For Deposits send Cashier checks or we accept Venmo to:

Lee Ann Heldt or Hunter's Goldstrike

Mail to:

33681 County Road 13

Windsor, CO  80550

Cell  970-231-6657

Please fill out the puppy questionnaire.  This helps me to know more about you.  You can scan it and email it to me or copy and paste it into an email or mail it to me with your deposit.

Puppies can no longer be shipped by United Pet cargo.  If you are out of the area you will need to either drive to get your pup or you can fly in and fly it home with you under your seat.  This is the best and safest ways to make sure you get your puppy home safe and sound.

Golden Retrievers are a very popular breed!  Expect to wait as they are well worth waiting for!

All pups will have Colorado Sales Tax of 2.9 % added to your invoice!
Disclaimer on planned litters:  If for some reason we decide to change the sire and you have a deposit down, we will notify you and you can make a decision to leave your deposit, change litters, or get a refund.  In some instances we may need to do this for various reasons!
Faith x Tuck

Pups were born on October 15, 2020

There are six females and five males.


Priced at $2000 limited registration.

(full registration may be purchased for an additional fee of $600)

Faith's puppies at 5 weeks old.  They are very active and growing.  

I am currently working on their individual pictures and hope to have them out by this Friday.  Thanks for your patience. 

Goldee x Tuck 

Pups born October 25, 2020

There are seven boys and one girl.


Priced at $2000 limited Registration

(full registration may be purchased for an additional fee of $600)

Goldee's pups are now 5 weeks old and are enjoying the outdoors now.  They are very active and playful now. Next week I will work on their individual pictures by their microchip number.  This takes some time to do so please be patient as I will try to get them out as soon as I can. 

Pixie x Tuck

Pups are expected around Christmas time.

They will be ready to go home the middle to the end of February.

All deposits are taken in this litter until they get here and we know what we have.

Priced at $2000 limited Registration

(full registration may be purchased for an additional fee of $600)


I will add more planned litters around the middle of December for 2021.  Check back at that time if you are still interested in a pup.

Lucy x Amos

Should be in heat in February to March with pups ready to go home in April or May 2021.

All deposits are taken in this litter.  

Priced at $2000 limited Registration

(full registration may be purchased for an additional fee of $600)

Georgie x Tuck or Doc

Should be in heat in April to May with pups ready to go home in August to September 2021.

All deposits are taken in this litter 

Priced at $2000 limited Registration

(full registration may be purchased for an additional fee of $600)

A lot of socialization goes on around here with all this puppy love! r

Limited Registration means that the dog is registered but no litters produced by that dog are eligible for registration!  You can go back later to the breeder and get their permission for full registration after obtaining clearances for breeding thus litters produced are then eligible for registration.   It is an AKC form that must be processed with a fee.  I do sell on Full Registration for a higher price if you so want to obtain that breeding right up front.  It is our intent and highly recommend that if you do so, before breeding this animal you will be a responsible breeder and obtain the clearances.

Kennel Rules and Regulations!

Our professional breeding program consists of twenty eight years of intensive work to provide top quality puppies to our clients. Every dog in our breeding program is a dog that doesn’t have hip dysplasia, heart defects, skin problems, or serious behavioral problems. We put our dogs through clearances for heart, hips and eyes and we are adding elbows, thyroid and other tests to provide even better quality of pups.  All our Dogs are cleared for eyes (CERF), heart (SAS), and hips (OAF or Penn Hip) before breeding them and this is what we base our guarantee on. These puppies are beautiful, healthy and mellow tempered ( not to be confused with a new puppy behavior).

They are all registered with the American Kennel Club and in most cases they are registered with the United Kennel Club and paperwork is always provided on all the dogs on the breeding background.  Pheasant or quail wings are introduced at an early age.  We have them vet checked at three days of age and also have their dew claws removed.  They are vaccinated at 6 to 7 weeks of age and again at 9 or 10 weeks of age if needed before placing them. We are extremely proud of the puppies that we produce.

They are whelped and kept in special areas to provide them with the best start in life. Puppies are socialized and given individual attention to ensure that they will make a wonderful new family member. We do not allow individuals to come in and handle the puppies until they several weeks of age. This is for disease control purposes. Our careful protection of the puppies guarantees that you will have an incredibly healthy puppy when you take them home.

We provide support and recommend training to all individuals and families purchasing a puppy to help them in the transition as they bring the new puppy into the home. Obedience training is very important!  You will like your puppy better if it is obedient!  In addition, we offer ongoing support for the lifetime of the puppy/dog with regard to behavioral problems and general consultation. We encourage you to contact us with any health issues as this will provide us with future decisions in our breeding program.

Puppies are available on a regular basis and are sold on deposit unless pups are old enough to take home. We encourage our clients to visit our kennels and see the condition of it and meet our dogs!

Each puppy comes with:

Contract & Written Health Guarantee

 This is only an example contract

Health Record from vet "Flavored" toy
First Shots Collar
Worming Puppy food
Dew claws removed Micro chipped
AKC Registration form Socialization
UKC Registration form (upon request) Breeder support

We highly recommend a basic obedience class with your new puppy!  You will like the behavior better if you have an obedient dog.  We find that goldens are easy to train and besides it's fun.  Good Luck with your new family member.

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