Hunter's Goldstrike

Never Tuckered Out II                              Born: January 1, 2014

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Tuck marking

Action Tuck

Look up Tuck!

Loves to jump into water!


I got it - See?

On 11 19 19 enjoying playing in the yard!

Standing in the back yard.  Sorry his eyes are closed!


Tuck  is from our Remi and Striker.  He has tons of drive just like his dad and anyone that sees him running a test or training will know right a way that he is a Striker son.  He is so much like his dad. Such a character and great personality.  He loves to talk to you.  Heenjoys the water and has great water drive.  He would retrieve all day long!  He is very athletic!

Tuck has a great personality and loves to be with people.  He is very playful guy!

He is a nice dark color and has that blocky head like Striker. His body is built well and he weighs about 75 pounds. His pedigree has a lot in it with Striker as his dad and Remi as his mom.  Both are HRCH champions!

Since we have kept a lot of the Amos daughters Tuck gets to breed most of them.  However we really like bringing the Tuck/Striker pedigree into the Amos pedigree.  It adds a lot of good dogs together and a lot of good genetics.


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