Hunter's Goldstrike

Never Tuckered Out II                              Born: January 1, 2014

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Tuck marking

Action Tuck

Look up Tuck!

Loves to jump into water!


I got it - See?

On 11 19 19 enjoying playing in the yard!

Standing in the back yard.  Sorry his eyes are closed!


Retired from breeding.


AKC Registration

UKC Registration

 DNA Testing clearances

 OFA Elbows - normal

 OFA Eyes  - clear 

Heart - Cleared 

Hips -Good

Tuck  is from our Remi and Striker.  He has tons of drive just like his dad and anyone that sees him running a test or training will know right a way that he is a Striker son.  He is so much like his dad. Such a character and great personality.  He loves to talk to you.  Heenjoys the water and has great water drive.  He would retrieve all day long!  He is very athletic!

Tuck has a great personality and loves to be with people.  He is very playful guy!

He is a nice dark color and has that blocky head like Striker. His body is built well and he weighs about 75 pounds. His pedigree has a lot in it with Striker as his dad and Remi as his mom.  Both are HRCH champions!

Since we have kept a lot of the Amos daughters Tuck gets to breed most of them.  However we really like bringing the Tuck/Striker pedigree into the Amos pedigree.  It adds a lot of good dogs together and a lot of good genetics.

Tuck is now retried from breeding and living with a wonderful family.  They even celebrated his birthday with him after only have him for a couple of days.  He gets to fetch a lot as their son plays baseball.

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