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The Doc is in at Goldstrike                            Born:  September 20, 2018

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AKC Registration

UKC Registration

 DNA Testing clearances which include these listed below:

This is the full Report from Embark.  Note that these clearance start on page 16 and on

 OFA   Elbow - Normal

 OFA Eyes  - clear 

Heart - Cleared 

Hips -  Good

CHIC Certificate #153514

STUD Contract $2500

Doc is our up and coming new male! We are very excited about him.  He shows love for the water and for retrieving.  He had fun retrieving his bumper and shows lots of athletic ability.

He is totally new bloodlines coming in for us.  As you can see above he has cleared on all his Genetic testing.  We did what is called Embark DNA testing which does over 180 some markers. You can see the eight major ones above and feel these are important to have him cleared on.  We have also done his final hips rated good and elbows normal to which he has cleared along with eyes and heart.

The pictures above are Doc at  1 year and 4 months old.  He has a rich golden coloring with light feathering under his tail and back legs.  He holds his tail up high when he retrieves.  He has a nice shaped head.  At this young age he still has some growing and filling out to do.

Doc is out of Kennel from the State of Washington. He has many Master Hunters MH in his pedigree. 

We have used Doc to sire several litters already and he has thrown some really nice pups!



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