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In 2010 we built this new additional facility. Each run is 5 X 15 feet on the outside with a 5 x 5 foot area inside!  It is covered for shade and protection from the weather.  They have an exercise yard to also go out and run and stretch their legs.


This is the original kennel. They have nice big shade trees to keep them cooler in the summer.  They can go inside the shed and also have a 5 x 5 foot area where they have heat in the winter and a cool place in the summer.  Their outside areas are either 5 X 20 feet or 10 X 10 feet.  This gives them plenty of room.  They also have an exercise yard consisting of an acre with a pond and their own dirt pile to dig in!  They love going out there and playing with each other.


This area is where the Momma dogs have their babies!  There are two separate areas in case we have 2 litters at the same time.  It is double fenced to keep out any other predators or from them getting too close to the pups!  When the pups are older, Momma is in the outer area so that she can still keep a watchful eye on her pups!  These building are both heated and have air conditioners.  They have cameras in which we can keep an eye on the pups from in our house. 

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