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Benelli of Goldstrike                            Born: January 1, 2011

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Nelli  is an offspring of Striker and Remi!  This is a superb combination of pedigrees.   She is a beautiful dark red coated golden and stands tall and lean.  She is very birdie, and likes to retrieve. In fact we have a few chickens around and one day she had a rooster in her mouth. David and I were trying to get it from her but she didn’t want to let it go.  Finally she took Mr. Rooster into the pond we have for the dogs.  I figure she would probably drown him.  But I took off my shoes and jumped in anyway.  I think I scared her because she immediately let him go.  I picked him up and handed him to David.  She had a pretty soft mouth as there were only a few feathers missing and Mr. Rooster was just fine after he dried out.


Nelli has a sister that went to Japan and is running agility there!  So her sister has gone international.  We feel this is a very awesome thing to have one go to Japan.  Her owner came here and picked her out and then he came back when it was time to take her to Japan.  She had to be quarantined and then USDA approved per Japan and we were the ones that did the quarantine for her new owner. 


(Currently we have a pup, Scout out of Comet and Kopper that is on its way to New Zealand.  His owners came to pick him and will be traveling the US with him and plan on going back home in Spring of 2014.  Another international pup for us!)


 Nelli and Amos look a lot alike and they love to play together. I think when we pair these two up there will be some awesome pups with all the best of my pedigrees in them.

The top row is Nelli today. The middle row is Nelli at 9 months old. And the bottom row is her as a puppy at 8 weeks old.

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